Medical Billing Services Torrance

PMSI, is a highly respected medical billing services provider. We partner with physicians over a wide array of specialty areas to minimize their practice concerns and to maximize their practice revenue. This is achieved whilst delivering open communication and superior customer service.

PMSI was founded in Arizona in 2002 and we have since grown to be a most respected medical billing provider. PMSI operates widely throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California; it is one of the premier providers of medical billing services in Torrance.

We offer our valued clients comprehensive, full service medical billing and medical practice consulting services, varying our approach and pricing structure to suit both large scale specialty groups as well as small individual medical practices.

Incomplete or improper medical billing accounts for a significant loss of revenue in a medical practice, as well as lost employee hours and diminished patient confidence. We are here to offer medical billing services in Torrance and beyond to help you increase your practice income and, at the same time, relieve your office employees of the burden that billing demands.

We are a team of professional and friendly, highly qualified staff. We also save you money, as in-house billing proves to be much more expensive for a medical practice than the cost of outsourcing to medical billing companies.

PMSI is committed to delivering:

  • Comprehensive and accurate billing processes
  • Flawless record keeping
  • Fast billing and follow-up
  • Precision
  • Of the minute technological systems
  • Electronic medical record hosting
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Personalized client communications
  • Trained, experienced and qualified staff
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Security encryption
  • 24/7 client access to billing information

If you are seeking premium medical billing services in Torrance, choose PMSI. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied with what we deliver. You are guaranteed a streamlined and faultless approach to medical billing, as well as medical practice consulting, medical practice management, and electronic medical record keeping. Place the responsibility for these in our hands, so you can focus on the clinical care of your patients.