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Our Story

Physicians’ Management Solutions Inc. first opened its doors in Bullhead, Arizona, in 2002. Committed to becoming the most respected medical billing service provider in the tristate area, PMSI quickly gained a reputation for excellence and expanded its services to California, where our corporate headquarters is now located.

With super friendly and knowledgeable staff, we offer full service medical billing and consulting services for all your medical practice needs. While we specialize in the billing of cardiology, neurology and pulmonology, our clients are diverse and range from large specialty groups to small individual practices.

We view our relationships with our clients as partnerships; our clients’ success is our success. To this end, we utilize top-of-the-line technology and equipment to ensure your claims processes are streamlined and your data is always safe and secure. Because we assign a personalized Account Manager and Claims Specialist to each of our clients, and complete almost all claims electronically, our processes are highly efficient and accurate, leaving little room for errors. To the bottom line, this means minimized rejection rates and maximized reimbursements.

Certified in Corporate Healthcare Compliance and well versed in federal healthcare legislation and regulations, we pride ourselves on our team approach and commitment to providing you with a seamless experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our physicians to maximize their revenue and minimize their concerns, through superior customer service and open communication.

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Medical Billing

Our comprehensive billing services include electronic claims submission and remittance with thorough claims follow up and aging analysis; an extensive balancing system that ensures the accuracy of all payments and charge posting; regular patient statement generation; and courteous billers who are always available for patient inquiries.

Practice Consulting 

We value our clients far beyond simply managing their billing – we view our relationships with our physicians as partnerships. As such, our highly credentialed and experienced staff are available for consulting of any kind, from basic medical practice procedure, to compliance issues on federal healthcare legislation. 

Electronic Medical Records

The benefits of EMR are endless. At PMSI, we offer EMR implementation and staff training sessions to help get you up to speed. We’re also able to host your EMR at a secure data center.

Full-Service Practice Management

Enjoy all the benefits of partnering with PMSI, including handling and management of all your billing and accounts, EMR implementation, regular consulting and advice, and access to 24-hour support.

Why Choose PMSI?

Accurate and thorough billing.

We take your collections seriously and work to ensure that all payments are made by both insurance carriers and patients within an acceptable time frame.

Extensive check-and-balance method.

We keep impeccable records to ensure that no charges or payments are lost or unaccounted for.

Timely and efficient system.

Aging is done regularly and claims which are not paid are followed up in a timely manner. Secondary claims are sent out within one day of payment of the primary claims. Patient statements are sent out regularly.


We make every effort to ensure that no claim goes out without an appropriate, payable diagnosis, and if there is a denial, we investigate and get every possible payment. Nothing is neglected or “shoved under the rug” as is often the case with in-house or “too-busy” billers.

Great customer service.

We’re always friendly and courteous, and available during working hours to patients who have questions regarding their accounts.

Tech-savvy and up-to-date systems.

We process most claims electronically to ensures faster reimbursement. We use a web-based dropbox, as well as web-based scanning and storage.

Experienced and qualified staff.

Our staff are experienced in both electronic and paper claims, and are well versed in a large variety of medical software. We have experts in coding, billing, accounting, collections, aging, workers-comp, contracts, and credentialing.

Individual attention backed by a team-approach

We assign an Account Manager and Claims Specialist to each client for personalized and specific attention, but also take a team approach for information gathering, problem solving, and the sharing of expertise. Thus, our physicians are assured the attention and skill of not just one person, but a whole group of professionals with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Minimized rejection rates

Medical necessity and scrubbing checks substantially minimize rejection rates.

Electronic Medical Records, EMR

We additionally offer EMR hosting at a secure data center, with EMR implementation and staff training

All transactions 100% HIPAA compliant and securely encrypted

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Cynthia (Sadiya) Mirza
President & CEO

In 1999 Cynthia established a community medical clinic to help an underserved area of Southern Nevada. In an attempt to better serve her community, and the physicians it relied upon, Physicians’ Management Solutions Inc. was born. PMSI grew quickly and was soon serving the medical billing and practice management needs of physicians throughout the greater Las Vegas area, as well as Southern California and Northern Arizona. With the rising success of her company, Cynthia became certified in Corporate Healthcare Compliance at George Washington University, and EMR Implementation by GE Healthcare. She has since served as a consultant for one of GE Healthcare’s largest VAR’s to train staff and implement Centricity EMR.

Cynthia has 5 grown daughters and, outside of PMSI, loves riding her horses through nature trails near her home.

Candy Plumley
Director of Accounts Management

With 26 years of experience in the industry, and a deep understanding of all areas of general medical and hospital practice, Candy has worked with a range of general and specialty groups, dedicating herself to assisting physicians and their practices. Currently, as an experienced manager and Director of Accounts Management at PMSI, Candy aptly creates an environment that promotes responsibility, teamwork, self-management, flexibility, and empowerment, with an unshifting focus to always ensure best-service.

When she’s not working to streamline your accounts, Candy can be found organizing events or creating beautiful cakes. She lives in Arizona with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.


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