Medical Billing Services LA

PMSI, or Physicians’ Management Solutions Inc., is a highly respected medical billing services provider. Operating throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California, it is amongst the premier medical billing companies in Los Angeles.

Incomplete and improper medical billing accounts for a significant loss in many medical practices – lost time, lost revenue, lost productivity, and lost patient trust. At PMSI, we help you increase your practice income and relieve your office staff of the burden that billing entails.

Our medical billing services are delivered by a professional and friendly team of highly qualified staff. Our expert outsourced medical billing services will mitigate losses in your practice due to improper or incomplete billing, time lost due to the claims process, and much more. We also save you money in the longer term, as in-house billing proves to be much more expensive for a practice than outsourcing to medical billing companies.

PMSI greatly values our clientele and we are committed to offering:

  • Billing processes that are comprehensive and accurate
  • Impeccable record keeping
  • Prompt billing and timely follow-up
  • Consistency and attention to detail
  • Use of the most modern technological systems
  • Electronic medical record hosting
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Individual, personalized client communications delivered with a team approach
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Security encryption
  • 24/7 client access to billing information

Our clientele is diverse, ranging from small individual practices to large specialty groups. While we do specialize in the billing of general practice, cardiology, pulmonology, and neurology, we are not limited to any medical area. Our costing system varies to accommodate the needs of each client and we are pleased to offer individual assessment of any medical practice and its needs.

If you are seeking medical billing services in Los Angeles, look no further than PMSI. We guarantee you will be delighted with what we deliver: a streamlined and accurate approach to medical billing, practice consulting, practice management, and electronic medical record keeping. When you place the responsibility for these in our hands, you can focus on what you are committed to do best – the clinical care of your patients.